Thursday, August 11, 2011

Review: Morning Glories #11 (I finally crack the mystery!)

Morning Glories #11

Ike has proven to be the sleazebag of the cast, always making sexually explicit remarks towards the female characters, bragging about his superior upbringing, and betraying his fellow classmates during the escape attempt. Based on what we have been shown before, watching him behave in a personable manner at the start of the issue proves to be a shock. As the story continues flashing back to show how Ike came into his fortune during a scandal where he was convicted of his father’s murder, the first showings of his crude behavior begin to show. Suddenly the question arises, was he always this outrageous, or is it a front he’s putting on as part of a bigger plan? That’s the kind of mystery I can sink my teeth into because it’s grounded in an interesting character and not giant spinning tops and 14th century Spanish prisoners. Check out the rest at Broken Frontier!

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