Thursday, December 22, 2011

When Heroes Go Bad

In honor of Uncanny X-Force receiving a perfect 10 for issue #18's conclusion to The Dark Angel Saga, we wanted to take a look at other heroes whose fall from grace made for a great read. There are many reasons why a supposed good guy might go bad – fear, brainwashing, cosmic birds – but what makes them so exciting is just how far down we get to see each hero fall. Check out the list at IGN!

IGN Reviews for 12/21/11

Green Lantern Corps #4

Wonder Woman #4

Daredevil #7

Thunderbolts #167

Uncanny X-Force #19

Venom #11

Near Death #4

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Joey Esposito talks 'Footprints,' IGN, Monster Boinking

Writer Joey Esposito called in to talk with Broken Frontier about his debut comic book  Footprints published by 215 Ink. In this interview he gives some details about the noir/supernatural comic, discusses monsters getting it on, and sheds some light on the trials and tribulations of small press comics. In the interest of transparency, it should be noted that he is the comics editor at and that I do freelance writing for IGN, making him my editor. However, that doesn’t mean I went easy on him... 

Read the rest at Broken Frontier!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

IGN Reviews for 12/07/11!

Animal Man #4

Written by Jeff Lemire | Art by Travel Foreman

Red Lanterns #4

Written by Peter Milligan | Art by Ed Benes

Stormwatch #4

Written by Paul Cornell | Art by Miguel Sepulveda

Venom #10 

Written by Rick Remender | Art by Lan Medina

Villains for Hire #1

Written by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning | Art by Renato Arlem

The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #3

Written by Justin Jordan | Art by Tradd Moore