Monday, February 25, 2013

Pitch for Samurai Jack/Powerpuff Girls Crossover!

Samurai Jack and Powerpuff girls have been acquired by IDW Publishing for some new comics!

The properties are ripe for a crossover. You already have sugar, spice, and everything nice, but what happens when you add a samurai sword? 

When Jack tries to hop in a time portal back home, Haku’s meddling causes him to be spit out in Townsville right in the middle of Professor Utonium’s lab.

His sword gets doused in Chemical X and the resulting explosion transforms Jack to look just like the PPGs w/big eyes and stubby arms but he still has the signature Samurai hair.

Jack has been imbued with his sword! But he’s not used to fighting with super powers instead of a sword, so the girls must teach him control while Prof works to reverse the process.

MEANWHILE, Haku has followed Jack and teams up with Mojo Jojo! Haku merges with the monkey man as a dark magical armor and we can see Haku’s eyes and mouth in Mojo’s brain -- EEWW!

Start training montage where the girls try to show Jack how to use his new super powers while Jack tries to teach them samurai discipline.

The girls take to calling him Jacky. Bubbles tries to do his hair to no avail. Blossom and Buttercup vie for his attention b/c they want to be as good as a samurai. OH, GIRLS!

The montage is cut short when the Mayor calls in to report a bank robbery! While flying to the bank, Jack notices a few buildings look strangely familiar.

The quadrio attempt to foil the robbers but in an effort to impress Jack, the girls overdo it and destroy the bank, leaving only robbers/people and the vault remaining amongst smoldering ruins.

In the midst of their fighting in which Jack just watches in wide-eyed silence, Haku Jojo appears and attacks with his new dark magic monkey smarts. He wipes the floor w/them b/c Jack isn't used to his powers yet and the girls keep getting in each others way to try and prove they are the best.

Jack’s powers are ineffective against the combined might of the villain. When Haku Jojo goes for a killing blow on Buttercup, Jack intercepts it.

The essence of the sword is activated when Jack is hit and his eyes go all glowy and a white blade of energy sprouts out of his head, but he doesn’t move.

The girls see that he has turned into a giant lightsaber and together as a team they wield him to fight off Haku Jojo and split him back into two. 

Funny bit where the two villains chastise each other for their obvious pitfalls that we the audience see time and time again. The pair disappears.

Back at the lab, Jack is separated from his sword and reverts back to his normal self thanks to the Prof’s new device. 

The Prof and full-sized Jack take each other in for the first time and there's a ambiguous conversation about maybe them being related b/c they look so similar.

Jack presents them with their own cute little samurai robes in pink, blue, and green.

Jack gives them all his samurai hairdo and in exchange Bubbles gets to give Jack a stylish new hair style (think Tom Hiddleston’s Loki but less creepy).

He’s pleased that they learned to work together as a team instead of working against each other.

Jack recounts the friends he made on his journey, like the Scotsman, and reminds the girls that a samurai may be a fierce warrior, but without strong bonds of friendship, they will fall.

Prof sends Jack back through a time portal, but Haku sabotages it and jumps in after him, directing him back to the world where he rules.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

IGN: The Best Tweeters in Comics

Twitter may be an addictive social media tool, but it’s an addictive social media tool that allows fans to keep an eye on and interact with their favorite comic book creators. Some creators rarely tweet while others only use Twitter to promote their latest comic, but there are more than a few whose feeds are more entertaining than the last movie you watched.

Take a look at our favorite comics tweeters so you know who should be your next follow.

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