Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review: X-Men: Schism #2

X-Men: Schism #2

Unknown to the X-Men, twelve year-old Kade Kilgore has killed his father, taken over the Hellfire Club, and orchestrated this global backlash against all mutants. Here lies the real threat in lieu of the broken Sentinels. Kade’s character feels fresh and dynamic: he’s got daddy issues, a chilling sinister feel to his words, and the way he lets everyone know he’s two steps ahead of the game makes him feel all the more dangerous. He meets up with a group of kids as unflinchingly evil as he is, with the little girl in a pink dress taking the cake for most disturbing child character in recent memory. It’s unbelievable what she pulls out of her matching pink purse, or what she does when she doesn’t like someone’s face. Check out the rest on Broken Frontier!

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