Thursday, June 23, 2011

Check out my Reviews of Dark Horse Presents #2, Mystery Men #2, and The Death of Ultimate Spider-Man on Broken Frontier!

Dark Horse Presents #2 

Dark Horse Presents continues its revival in print with another 80 pages of short comics from various popular and new artists and writers. A total of ten different stories appear in this anthology; some are better than others, but a more focused, high-quality effort to bring readers an anthology of diverse titles cannot be found anywhere else in print today. Check out the rest at Broken Frontier!

Mystery Men #2 

Battling against the mysterious, disgusting General and a corrupt police force in 1932, the Operative, the Reverant, and a woman with a jetpack begrudgingly join forces for another round of pulp-inspired action. Keep reading at Broken Frontier!

Ultimate Spider-Man #160

Is it a spoiler to say that Spider-Man actually dies in a story titled "Death of Spider-Man"? If it is, then consider the ending to this story spoiled. After 160 issues, Bendis brings his career-making arc for Peter Parker to a close. Even though he will continue to write Ultimate Spider-Man featuring a new web-slinger in black and red duds, this issue marks the end of Peter’s story that has made for one of the best ongoing titles of the last decade. With such great stories that have built up to this moment, this particular issue encounters a few problems that stop it from being a truly iconic finish. Keep reading at Broken Frontier!

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