Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Reviews in 140: Green Lantern, Venom, and more!

Week of 4/27/2011

Reviews in 140
are comic reviews in 140 characters or less; done this way to satisfy a world of Twitter-fied readers who want a quick overview of a comic and a rating so they can decide if it’s worth buying at the store.

Book of the Week! 
FF (#2) – 9/10 
Breathtaking art makes Doom look more bad ass than usual, exciting twists, and heart-wrenching focus on the family.

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors (#9) 8/10
Another solid round of emotinal introspection and laser action as the colored quartet decide on whether to tackle the central power battery or Mogo.

Venom (#2) – 7/10 
A solid step forward into the psychology of host and symbiote, but it echoes too much of past Venom stories to feel new.

Incredible Hulks (#627) – 8/10 
Bond-style twists, turns, and humor make for another entertaining romp in this upbeat arc.

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