Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reviews in 140: Green Lantern, Avengers, and more!

Week of 4/20/2011

Reviews in 140
are comic reviews in 140 characters or less; done this way to satisfy a world of Twitter-fied readers who want a quick overview of a comic and a rating so they can decide if it’s worth buying at the store.

Book of the Week! 
Avengers (#12) – 8.5/10 
Absolutely breathtaking art; each page a Picasso. But the story ends up kicking itself in the ass.

Iron Man 2.0 (#4) – 7/10 
The whole issue is talking heads. They're interesting talking heads, but it does leave one wanting more.

Green Lantern (#65) – 8/10 
Hal makes a homo joke with Guy - and it's hilarious. Lots of fan service, action figure potential, and fun.

Green Lantern Corps (#59) – 8/10 
Green explosions explode while the Earth-GLs try to make their new rings work, with little success.


Generation Hope (#6) – 7.5/10 
Great chemistry between this new team along with some gross powers make for an interesting mystery.

Fear Itself: Sin's Past (#1) – 6.5/10 
No real new content here, just reprintings of Cap's past encounters with Sin. I would have preferred more new content.

Sigil (#2) – 8/10 
Solid storytelling at a quick, fun pace. Focus on Sam instead of the Sigil keeps the revelations interesting and character-based.

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