Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I’m a Comics Editor for Hire

I want to be your Editor. Making a comic book, anthology, graphic novel, funny book, or propaganda pamphlet? I’m your man. But why would you share your precious with me when I could very well drop it in Mount Doom? As Gollum showed us, there’s no coming back from that, so let me share why my professionalism, constructive feedback, and labor policy are the perfect combination to help you make your perfect comic book.


I will be clear and upfront with all of my feedback. I will make everything concise and to the point so no one’s time gets wasted. And I will make myself conveniently available to you whether by email or phone or messenger pigeon, all while conducting myself with the candor of a five-star hotel concierge. That said, if you fall behind on schedule then you can fully expect me to go from Jeeves to Miss Trunchbull.

Constructive Feedback

I’ll provide you with a detailed analysis of your story’s one-line synopsis, treatment, outline, and script, offering solutions to plot holes, pointing out inconsistencies in character, and keeping continuity airtight. Remember in Avengers vs. X-Men when the Avengers heroically jumped off the Helicarrier in one issue while in another Magneto chucked Colossus through it causing everyone to haphazardly abandon ship? Under my watch, that will never happen to you.

Also know that I’m no slouch on art. No comics are immune to linework that is too light, colors that could use refining, or word balloons that don’t flow properly, so I’ll be there to catch those mistakes to make your visuals as top-notch as can be.

I’m a grammar whiz, too. Not one single error can be found in this entire post. Your copy will be so clean that not even Batman will be able to uncover a hint of grammatical wrongdoing.

Free Labor!

Well, maybe not, but it’s all relative. If you need an Editor for your passion project, but you can only compensate me by putting my name in 6 pt font at the bottom of the credits page, that’s perfect. More than anything, I’m in this to help you create your best quality work of art possible, not a fat paycheck. Then again, if you sign a deal and get a fat paycheck, I would most certainly appreciate a little kickback. The leatherbound books that line my shelf aren’t cheap.

For those of you who like resumes, here’s a short one of those. But if you ask me, the most interesting material is just after where you learn a little bit about me.

Resume including Fancy Titles for Names of Things — and Dates!

Editor-in-Chief (formerly Editor) for A Comic Book Anthology — May 2011 - Dec 2012
Hilarious personality for Flame On! Podcast — June 2011 - Present
Critic for IGN Comics
August 2011 - Present 
Serious Grown-Up Job Writing Instruction Manuals for US Military — 2009 - Present

BA in English with a minor in Film from the University of Central Florida — 2009

Skilled in story structure, sequential art, and Star Wars

Personal Deets About Me

I love comics. You can thank Mark Waid’s Unthinkable story arc from his Fantastic Four run for starting what has been a joyous hobby-turned-career for me. I genuinely just want to make comic books. All the time. Full-time. For a living. For me. For you. For everyone.

I’m on a podcast because I love talking about comics and movies. I write for IGN because I am under the notion that I know a thing or two about comics. I work my 40 hours a week writing instruction manuals because I love telling people what to do. That last one might sound bad, but I only have a job where I’m allowed to do that because I know what’s best. And what other kind of quality would you want in your Editor?

If you’re reading this you either have a magic idea that you want to bring to beautifully printed fruition, or you’re my mom and you’re scanning for an email address to send me those pictures of the dogs.  

If you're the former, then shoot me an email and let's do this: joshuayehl@hotmail.com

(Mom, I love you, but please don't use my professional email address. I'm content with the last one you sent me.)

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