Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Quote Me, Again

I was absolutely ecstatic to see that I was quoted on one of my all-time favorite comics, Locke and Key, specifically the back of the Clockworks hardcover. And I can't be mad at the Dancer quote, either. Although, my film criticism professor would flip her lid if she saw that I used "is" in both of them -- the weakest of verbs that can always be replaced by something better. As Rudy Rhod would say, BUTWHOCARES?!

I used to never pay attention to pull quotes, but now every time I pick up a book I seem to find one of mine. As the cashier of my shop pointed out, too bad they always attribute it to IGN without naming the reviewer. I'm the only one who knows I said it, but it's still pretty cool.

Locke and Key: Clockworks

Dancer vol 1

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