Sunday, January 30, 2011

Reviews in 140: Echoes, Carnage, Teen Titans, Age of X: Alpha

Week of 1/26/2011

Reviews in 140 are comic reviews in 140 characters or less; done this way to satisfy a world of Twitter-fied readers who want a quick overview of a comic and a rating so they can decide if it’s worth buying at the store each week.

 Echoes #2
Book of the week!
Echoes (#2) – 9/10  
A step further down into the disturbing psyche of a crazy man with a thing for skin dolls. High-tension scenes and deft pacing.
Carnage (#2) – 8/10 
Stunning artwork slick with realism makes the threat of the new Carnage all the more terrifying.
Teen Titans (#652) – 8/10 
A satisfying ending to a dynamic story inducting Damian into the Teen Titans.
Age of X: Alpha (#2) – 7/10 
An interesting prelude showcasing the main players in the upcoming Age of X event.

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